What They Say...

Jaisim Fountain Head

"...drove up to this panoramic valley, in the midst of which is sited the OOTY School of Architecture. An Idyllic location for architectural studies, after the preliminary round of discussions with the staff, proceeded to the studio to preview the works of the final semester students who were perusing their THESIS."

I was and am on the whole impressed with what these young aspiring spirits have achieved and am confident that they will with a little push make everyone of McGAN'S SOA proud.

Solomon D Vedamuthu
Advisor, MOSA

One of the most Important reasons, Which was instrumental in compelling me to accept the appointment as director, McGAN'S Ooty School of Architecture ,was its location. I Still feel it will always remains McGAN'S Major Plus Point. Ideally set, not only in one of the country’s most scenic sports, the college has all the potential of Shaping up into one of the finest school of architecture in the Country, in which any ardent, passionately aspiring Architecture Students can get groomed in totality; into becoming an “Architect” in the true Sense. The air that one breathes in the Campus is not only rejuvenating, it also stimulates the Five Sense of anyone who is creatively inclined. This apart, the Teaching Faculty – Each and every one of them hand-picked by the academic board, which in turn is wholeheartedly and strongly supported by the management – is a dedicated, diligent and vibrant young lot.

With more than thirty years of experience, not only as a practicing Architect, But Also as a professional Design Educator, who has trained scores of aspirants in all design disciplines, I can without the slightest hesitation state that  creative learning in a stand – alone architectural academy of MOSA’s Potential standing and location can truly be a very exciting and fulfilling experience. Contribution largely towards its improvements and growth in all directions is the Correspondent of MOSA, Mr . J.P Gandhi , a renowned career guidance counselor who is a very strong asset to the college not only in terms of adding to the strength of the institution but also as a mentor who regularly visits the campus of self – discipline, self- esteem and self – motivation to the students and the faculty.

Last but not the least, the management of McGAN'S a family of lawyers who have been the legal consultants for the council of architecture of global prominence and international standards, will I am sure, achieve and realize their dream, considering all the major factors that contributes to make any lofty dream come true  are in their favor.

But the vital factory is the ideal setting and environment in which McGAN'S Ooty School of Architecture is situated, most conductive for any school of architecture to flourish, given all the other necessary conditions are uncompromisingly adhered to.
Solomon D.Vedamuthu

Shri Jayaprakash Gandhi
Correspondent, MOSA

 As we understand architecture is a challenging profession, we at McGAN'S Ooty School of Architecture tend to Create a reformation through Architecture education to meet those challenges. Our students are motivated to work on competition designs, exposed to latest trends of architecture and its Components that helps them in developing innovative thing for a life beyond ‘Just a Survival’ State the undergraduate at McGAN'S Ooty School of Architecture affiliated to Anna University, Chennai provides grounding and liberal and technological knowledge through studio based design education and they emphasize creativity and the ability to seek  and solve problems related to build and inhabitant environment. There is a level of programmatic richness and complexity here which you will not find in any other school.

McGAN'S School is completely dedicated to Architecture Education and is in a developing process, yet we are proud that we have much better Facilities and cream layered faculty members available at this residential campus helping the students in their progressions. There are regular celebrity guest lecture conducted in the campus, to enhance and appreciate the quality delivers from the students. Computer labs and other workshops have been planned to support the contemporary tends of Architectural Practice at our school. The staff training programs are made to enhance and enrich their technical and teaching skills.

Additional skill development program for the students in the parallels of Architecture like Photography, Professional Ethics, Project management, etc. are being provided in the form of workshops and closed discussion. We have worked on the online portfolio management system for the convenience of the students in showcasing their works whenever required. We are still coming up with more such innovative ideas and lots more infrastructure facilities to bring in a better learning experience in the year to come. I have tried to provide a short description benchmarking our ongoing efforts across the spectrum of academic degree the spectrum of academic degree programs in the school. we invite you to take a look, tell us what you think, and to join us.

Prof J Subramanian
Professor & Design Chair, MOSA

Amongst the various professional subjects, architecture is a very demanding one placing equal emphasis on creativity Applied Engineering and Technology. This is one subject which also gets quickly and noticeably affected by multi various factors such as, Life Style, Corporate Culture, Material Innovations and Construction Techniques.

We at McGAN'S Have taken it upon ourselves to impart architectural educations in such a manner that at the culminations of the five years undergraduate programme the students develop into a comprehensive architect who appreciates all the four fundamentals attributes of a good building - viz Functional efficiency, Structural soundness, Cost effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

In order to achieve this, the teaching methods are stretched far beyond the boundaries of mere curriculum and meanders into the reason of application of creativity without losing sight of optimal use of material and constructions.

The management has a great vision and through their untiring efforts and the whole hearted support of the competent talented and experienced staff members. The institute has established its name in the academic circles and will shine to reach greater heights .